RTK Technologies, Inc. -- Products, Marketing, and Consulting for the Chemical Process Industry.

RTKTI Contact Information.

RTK Technologies, Inc. was incorporated in the State of Louisiana on July 11, 1995. Richard T. "Rick" Kreuser is the founder and president.

Contact Information
Mailing address:
RTK Technologies, Inc.
P. O. Box 86622
Baton Rouge, LA 70879-6622
Shipping address:
RTK Technologies, Inc.
5716 Summer Lake Drive
Baton Rouge, LA 70817-4316

Telephone: (225) 755-2194

RTKTI cell phone: (225) 921-4649

E-mail: RTKTI@cox.net

Federal EIN number: 72-1300844
LA sales tax number: 8971186001

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