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About Noram

Noram consists of 6 business groups: Nitrations, Sulfuric acid, Electrochemical, Pulp and Paper, Biosystems, and Environmental. Noram also has a full service fabrication shop and an affiliation with the British Columbia Research Institute.

Noram's products for sulfuric acid include sulfur and decomposition furnaces, converters, gas-to-gas heat exchangers, towers and pump tanks (BLS or SX), distributors, tower packing, acid coolers (AP or SX), and plant upgrade/debottlenecking studies.

In addition to conventional materials of construction, Noram offers a full range of SX alloy equipment, vessels, and piping for sulfuric acid and strong nitric acid.

To contact Noram:

Head Office:

     Noram Engineering and Constructors, LTD.
     200 Granville Street, Suite 1800
     Vancouver, BC, Canada V6C 1S4
     Telephone: (604) 681-2030
     Fax: (604) 683-9164
     E-mail: questions@noram-eng.com
     Web site: www.noram-eng.com

European Office:

     Noram International AB
     Gruvgatan 8
     Vastra Frolunda 42130
     Telephone: (46) 31 757-4010
     Fax: (46) 31 757-4025
     E-mail: info@noram-intl.com
     Web site: www.noram-intl.com

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